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Marvin Job

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Myles Goodwyn

  • Music

I’m very late getting this post out, so all you April Wine fans, please forgive me. I was saddened last month to hear of the passing of Myles Goodwyn, the main man of April Wine. I just wanted to acknowledge his voluminous contribution to Canadian rock n’ roll. Growing up on the prairies in the 70s, April Wine was omnipresent, their music woven into the culture of the times. I… 

“Life Is A Rock (But The Radio Rolled Me)”

  • Music

Released in September 1974, Life Is A Rock (But The Radio Rolled Me) by Reunion was instantly catchy, a definite earworm and one of those feel-good songs. The band Reunion was founded by songwriters Paul DiFranco and Norman Dolph. They had little success with the group until they tapped bubblegum pop veteran Joey Levine to revamp a song they had shelved called Life Is A Rock. “I loved it, thought… 

Living In Canada

Top Reasons To Live In British Columbia Top Reasons To Live In Alberta Top Reasons To Live In Saskatchewan Top Reasons To Live In Manitoba Top Reasons To Live In Ontario Top Reasons To Live In Quebec Ahhhh….Give me a minute here to think…….Gosh, this is hard…….OK, here are some: Top Reasons To Live In New Brunswick Top Reasons To Live In Nova Scotia Top Reasons To Live In Prince… 

Growing Up With Canadian Bands

Growing up in Central Alberta during the 1970s, 630 CHED out of Edmonton and 1140 CKXL out of Calgary were the ultimate stations to listen to – they were 70s AM radio at it’s finest. I remember that if the weather and the night were clear, the reception from these two stations would be excellent. 630 CHED and 1140 CKXL played a lot of great Canadian content; I suspect that… 

But Is It Art?

  • Musings

These are the new garbage chutes, waiting to be installed in my condo building. It has the potential for modern art, what?

“Ballet Dancer”

  • Music

Every weekend my Internet radio is tuned to SOMA-FM’s Underground 80s. Every so often this (once) unfamiliar song comes on that has such a great chorus, and I love it! After checking the Underground 80s playlist I found out it’s a song from 1983 called Ballet Dancer by an 80s group I’d never heard of – The Twins. Some minor Googling told me they were a German synth-pop duo from… 

Kiss Him Goodbye

  • Jokes

I usually stay very apolitical on my blog, but I found this video the other day which speaks to the fun you can have with a great old 70s tune and some clever computer graphics:

Dancing Queen

  • Jokes

Queen Elizabeth II, as you’ve never seen her before…

St. Joseph Street

I love walking down St. Joseph Street in downtown Toronto. The street consists mostly of 1940s-era Art Deco and/or brownstone apartments. Much of the original architecture is still in place and, thankfully, the street has not been totally overrun with towering condos. Yes, there are some condos on this street, but they have been kept low (not counting FIVE St. Joseph near the corner of Yonge Street) and styled to… 

The Old Clock on the Stairs

  • Poetry

One of my favourite places to photograph is the Toronto Necropolis, as odd as that may sound. I love the Gothic feel and sense of history there. A few weeks ago I was shooting in the Necropolis when I came upon the Columbarium. I paused to read the inscription on the tower: The lines were credited to Longfellow, but I was not familiar with this particular poem. As I found… 

“Girls Just Want to Have Fun”: Excuse, Defiance, and Reassurance

  • Music

This is a reprint of an article written by Lucy Mao, which appeared on the All Music Guide website, June 15, 2022. I’m publishing it here as I thought it very interesting to take a close textual analysis of the lesser-known version of Lauper’s monster hit from September 1983. Girls Just Want To Have Fun:Excuse, Defiance, and Reassurance When most people hear the song Girls Just Want to Have Fun,… 

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