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Happy Victoria Day!

Here’s some reasons to be glad we’re Canadian on this most uniquely Canadian long weekend.

Pictures That Perfectly Sum Up Canada And Its People

Canadian Police Clash With Citizens
Police In Montreal Protest A Labor Dispute By Not Wearing Their Work Pants
Christmas In Canada Is Sometimes Difficult
Canadians Are Notorious For Being Kind
Honest Commuters: Attendants Were Missing And The Automatic Gates Were Broken – This Is The Result!
Police Officer Stops To Buy A Drink From A Little Girl At A Lemonade Stand In Kenora, Ontario
Canadian Victims Of Theft
Canadian Police On The Job
Everything About This Says “Canada”
The Reason Why My Package Wasn’t dropped Off At My Door
This Moose Literally Followed Me Home
Most Canadian Thing Ever
Another Typical Sign
In Canada, Sometimes Even The Robbers Are Polite
And Meanwhile, In Canada…
Quite Possibly The Most Canadian Picture Ever Taken
Friendly warning
A Beaver On His Way To Assassinate Someone
And Lastly, In Canada…


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