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“Ballet Dancer”

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Every weekend my Internet radio is tuned to SOMA-FM’s Underground 80s. Every so often this (once) unfamiliar song comes on that has such a great chorus, and I love it! After checking the Underground 80s playlist I found out it’s a song from 1983 called Ballet Dancer by an 80s group I’d never heard of – The Twins. Some minor Googling told me they were a German synth-pop duo from Berlin.

Hmmmm, OK, must search YouTube and see if there’s a video for this, and of course there is. OMG, but what a video… as Ed the Sock would say PURE FROMAGE, BABY!!! So incredibly cheesy it will make you squirm, but the hooks in the chorus get to you… uplifting in a way.

So, in all its cringe-worthiness, I present to you The Twins video of their hit Ballet Dancer:

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