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Essential Lyrics #5: Wake Me Up

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By way of serendipity I ended up reading the Wiki on Avicii the other day, and thought what a sad story his is. He had enormous success and was loved by fans in so many countries but, in the end, it all became too much for him to bear. The lyrics of Wake Me Up speak to his emotional searching and longing – thoughts and fears we all share. Avicii,… 

Essential Lyrics #4: The Last Song

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The Last Song marked the first of Elton John‘s American singles to benefit his AIDS foundation. In an interview with the gay magazine The Advocate, Elton remarked: I was crying all the time as I wrote the music… and it was very hard for me to sing it. The song tells of an estranged father coming to terms with the sexuality of his gay son, who is dying from AIDS.… 

Essential Lyrics #3: Stamp Your Feet

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Here’s the third installment in a series of posts on song lyrics that have lifted or inspired me. This one’s from a true musical veteran – Miss Donna Summer: Stamp Your Feet S-T-A-M-P Stampin’ on the groundS-T-A-M-P Stampin’ on the groundS-T-A-M-P Stampin’ on the groundS-T-A-M-P Stampin’ on the ground Woah, yeah I’ve been round so many times beforeBroke my back, been split open so oftTried to make it to the… 

Essential Lyrics #2: Lovers In A Dangerous Time

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These are my favourite lyrics from Bruce Cockburn: Nothing worth having comes without some kind of fight / You gotta kick at the darkness till it bleeds daylight is just brilliant. Lovers… was also later covered by Barenaked Ladies, who did a beautiful job: Lovers In A Dangerous Time Don’t the hours grow shorter as the days go by?We never get to stop and open our eyesOne minute you’re waiting… 

Essential Lyrics #1: Being Boring

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This is a first in a series of posts on song lyrics that resonate with me, have inspired me in some way, or that I just simply like. To kick off my Essential Lyrics series, here’s one of my absolute favourite songs from the Pet Shop Boys. It’s a wistful look back at times past and the friends and lovers who have passed through our lives. There’s a lot going…