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Urban fun stuff

In The Company of Dogs

Love this one! I rediscovered this shot today while going through the old photos of our trip to Vienna, Austria in 2015. This was a beer ad found on the side of a bus shelter. Translation: “A good beer has always been demanded by good company”.

Halloween Prelude

Well, Halloween may not be happening on Church Street (or anywhere else) this year thanks to COVID-19 running rampant, but at least my physiotherapist’s office got into the spirit of things. On yesterday’s visit I was greeted by this guy:

I Couldn’t Agree More

Seen on an abandoned building on my way to work one day (look to the left of the window): No comment… that would be waaaaaay too easy…

A Smile During the Pandemic

It had been a busy and hectic day at work last Friday. Walking home I suddenly spotted something unusual coming toward me in the distance. At first I thought I was seeing things courtesy of my fatigued state, but as it drew closer I see it was… Pikachu to the rescue!! Thank you, Pikachu! It was great to have a smile and laugh during our troubled COVID times.

Beaver On The Danforth

OK, so I was taking a photo walk across the Danforth this past summer and I came upon this interesting shop: I assume business must be booming?

New Year’s Eve Party?

So, a couple of years ago, on December 31st, I was heading home along Carlton Street. As I passed St. Peter’s Anglican Church at the corner of Carlton and Bleecker, I read their display board out front, then doubled over with helpless laughter: If you’re going to creatively arrange the letters on a church’s notice board, you might as well go all the way. It must have been some party… 

Don’t Flush…

Seen in the men’s washroom in a restaurant at the Wharfside Shopping Centre, Penzance, U.K.:

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