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Introducing… Ollie!

Hugs and hellos to our new family member – Ollie!

Ollie is a male tri-colour Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. I’ve longed for a Cavalier as long as I can remember; they are a beautiful, calm, obedient breed devoted to their owners. Physically they are beautiful and regal, with their long fluffy ears, lush coat and big, soulful brown eyes.

We had been on the Cavalier waiting lists of several Ontario breeders for some time anticipating our puppy, but we had to wait until the time was right for us. Vince retired at the end of last year, so we wanted to wait until his retirement before we could take on the responsibilities a new puppy demands, not to mention the time and energy required (it’s a 24/7 job!). It has been about 15 years since we raised Sophie from a pup and, in the words of Ms. Dion, it’s all coming back to me now. Ollie is indeed a handful, but we love him dearly, and he will eventually mature into a wonderful dog.

Picking Ollie up on May 7th from Cedar Creek Kennels

Ollie came into our lives at 8 weeks old on May 7th this year when we picked him up at the breeders, Cedar Creek Kennels (awesome folks by the way) near Amaranth, Ontario.

Another BIG reason we wanted a second dog was for our lovely girl, Tulip! Ollie’s arrival has almost completely transformed her! She is now full of bounce and play, whereas before it was couch-city for her most of the time. Tulip is only 3 years old, so she still has plenty of bounce. Ollie and Tulip really like each other and get on so well – I know that as time goes by they will become each other’s best friend. Together, they take tussling and romping to a whole new level.

Since Ollie is only a few weeks old he has not yet had all his vaccinations, so we’ve not been able to take him outside to meet other dogs. When we do go outside with him we’ve been carrying him in our arms; this way it helps with his socialization (to urban sounds, different people, etc.). Some of you have already met his furry little self, though, and we’ll become more visible around the condo grounds once he’s had his shots (which will be soon…).

So, Ollie, here’s to a long and healthy life with us!


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