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Introducing… Tulip!

It’s been a tough year for Vince and myself without our beloved Sophie, but the fates have now smiled on us 🙂

A Little Backstory

This past year I’ve had my name on well over 30 different Ontario dog breeder wait-lists for a puppy. Last week I received an unexpected email from Karen Anderson of Royal Frenchies, one of the many kennels where we’d been on a puppy wait-list (we were originally the 26th family on the waitlist and it would be an estimated 2 years before there would be a pup available.). Karen asked if we might be interested in a grown, 2-year old dog, rather than a puppy, which they had in their kennel. Royal Frenchies had imported this girl from The Netherlands for breeding in their kennel, but it turns out that the dog is infertile and unable to conceive – not a desirable situation when your business is breeding and raising French Bulldogs! What was the kennel’s loss, was our gain…. of course we said YES!!

Enter into our lives and home the beautiful Tulip, a red fawn French Bulldog. Her Dutch kennel name is Thyra (pronounced Tier-rah, with a strong roll on the letter r), but the breeders called her Tulip – much easier to pronounce and remember. We may shorten this to Tuli (too-lee) but the jury is still out on that one. Anyway, here she is!!:

This is Tulip’s bio from the Royal Frenchies website before they became aware she had a hormonal issue and couldn’t conceive.

Settling In

Tulip just came to us this past Wednesday, and some of you have already met her. She is still settling in, but so far she’s very comfortable here. Tulip’s a lovely, calm, independent girl who loves attention…. she’s come to the right household! She’s a perfect fit and we just love her to pieces:

Sophie will always be our Number 1 girl, but we are so happy and fortunate Tulip came to us. We will give her the best life any dog could ask for. Fingers crossed for many happy years ahead!


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